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Frequently asked questions

A bully stick is in fact beef pizzle, and a pizzle is a bull's penis. When dried, this makes for an incredibly healthy and digestible treat for dogs. Go figure.

We decided to launch with bully sticks because they are, and always have been, our dogs’ favorite treats. In addition to being highly digestible and not giving them tummy trouble like raw hide can, these treats keep our dogs busy for long periods of time. It is truly a great treat for both dogs and their pet parents!

Yes, absolutely! We are a small, family run business, so we decided to start small and not bite off more than we could chew! Please be sure to sign up for Samo’s Savings Club for news about new product launches. 

That is really up to you (and your dog!). Some of our smaller dogs actually really enjoy the bigger chews. Our smaller chews are great for a quick distraction, or for our small dogs and puppies who aren’t ready to take on a bigger chew. No matter which size you decide to purchase, be sure to read our label for feeding instructions and always supervise your pet while they enjoy their chew.

For wholesale inquiries, please visit the link at the bottom of our site, or reach out via the contact page. WE DO NOT PARTNER WITH RETAILERS THAT SELL LIVE ANIMALS.

Please visit our sourcing page. A link can be found at the bottom of our website in our footer menu, or by visiting our About page, and clicking the link for “Sourcing”. 

No, we are a for-profit corporation. We are also a small, women-owned, family business built around a mission to help pets in need. While we are not a non-profit, helping pets in need by donating to animal shelters is central to everything we do. 10% of our our profit is donated to animal shelters. 

5% of each purchase is donated to the shelter or rescue of your choice. 100% of your donation makes it to the charity of your choosing, through our partner, the Shopping Gives Foundation.

Yes! You can nominate your favorite organization to be one of our feature shelters & rescues of the week. These organization will receive a 2x donation (10%) during the feature! Be sure to tell your local shelter about the program, and they can find out more by writing to